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Welcome on the Official Website of the 2nd International Workshop on Oxyfuel FBC Technology
Following the success of the 1st workshop on Oxyfuel FBC Technology held  in 2011, the University of Stuttgart was proud to host the 2nd workshop in June 2012.
Fluidized bed combustion technology has become a viable option for the application of the oxyfuel process. In addition to the general objectives of the workshop, the Calcium Looping process with sorbent regeneration under oxyfuel conditions has been addressed. Workshop topics included results from experiments and simulations as well as approaches to process design, scale-up and other challenges.

 Number of participants: 50
 Industry: 7
 Universities and research institutions: 17
 Number of countries: 8
 Number of continents: 4
 Number of presentations:  21

Oxygen‐fired CFB Development and Commercialization Status ‐ OxyCFB 350 MW Reference Concept
I. F. Abdulally, Alstom Power Inc., USA
Oxyfuel testing at 30 MWth CIUDEN Oxy‐CFB boiler
FosterWheeler Energia Oy, Finland;    Endesa, CIUDEN, Spain
Oxyfuel combustion of bituminous coal in a 150 kWth CFB test facility
G. Hofbauer,T. Beisheim, IFK, University of Stuttgart, Germany

Design Aspects and Efficiencies of an Oxyfuel CFBC for Various Coals
M. Weng, C. Günther, IET, TU Hamburg‐Harburg, Germany

Dynamic Simulation and Simulation Tools Development of Oxyfuel‐CFB Power Plant
A. Tourunen, VTT Finland

Modelling of Oxyfuel CFB combustion and looping processes
T. Tynjälä, Laapeenranta University of Technology, Finland
ADECOS ZWSF: Operation of Oxyfuel‐CFB combusting lignite
A. Hiller, TU Dresden, Germany
Oxy‐fuel coal combustion in a 50kWth CFB combustor with warm flue gas recycle
L. Duan, Southeast University, China
Oxy‐fuel CFB co‐firing of biomass and coal
Canmet, Canada
Fluidized bed oxyfuel combustion activities in CIRCE
I.Guedea, CIRCE, Spain
Oxygen Production for Oxyfuel Power Plants ‐ Status of Development
D. Goloubev, Linde AG, Germany
CaOling Project ‐ First experiences on the 1,7MWth calcium looping pilot in La Pereda
A. Sanchez‐Biezma Sacristan, Endesa, Spain
Carbonate looping experiments in 1 MWth scale using a CFB calciner fired with coal and oxygen‐enriched air
J. Ströhle, TU Darmstadt, Germany
Design concepts, operating experiences and experimental results of the 200 kWth Calcium‐Looping Pilot Plant
H. Dieter, IFK, University of Stuttgart, Germany

The effect of an oxyfiring environment on the calcination stage of a Ca‐looping process
F. Scala, Instituto di Ricerche sulla Combustione, Naples, Italy

Cyclic carbonation properties of calcium‐based industrial wastes during calcium looping cycle
Y. Li, Shandong University, China
Sulfation rates of particles in CaL reactors
J.M. Cordero Diaz, CSIC, Spain
Influence of water on sulphation under oxy‐fuel CFBC conditions
Canmet, Canada

Development of High Efficiency CFB Technology to Provide Flexible
Air/Oxy Operation for Power Plant with CCS

A.Tourunen, VTT Finland
Fuel conversion in Oxyfuel fluidized bed combustion
G. Krawczyk, Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

Oxy‐fuel CFBC Research in IET
S. Li, IET –Chinese Academy of Sciences
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We are happy to announce you that

3rd International Workshop on Oxyfuel FBC Technology in 2012 will be hosted by Fundacion Ciudad de la Energia CIUDEN, Spain

4th International Workshop on Oxyfuel FBC Technology in 2014 will be hosted by School of Energy & Environment Southeast University, China
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